Angela Keung
MVOH Co-Chair

As the Vice President and Chief Business Officer of the Greater China Region of an American company, Angela is also very devoted to community service. She has served as the President of the Hong Kong Direct Selling Association, and President of Zonta (Eastern District, Hong Kong). She is currently the Honorary President of the Federation of Hong Kong Women’s Associations. Outside of her busy work life, her weekends are mostly dedicated to the learning and promotion of Cantonese opera.

For almost twenty years, she has been learning Cantonese opera singing from Master Lau Wing-Chuen. Her passion is contagious: one by one her siblings, and in some cases even their spouses, are encouraged to take singing lessons with Master Lau. She founded U Sing Cantonese Opera Pavilion to sustain their interest and engage more people in sharing the joy of singing. Their first public performance, which involved approximately 30 family members from three generations, was staged in 2016 at the Sun Beam Theatre in Hong Kong. It was their way of celebrating the 85th birthday of the matriarch of the family, Madam Cheung Lee Mei-fung, and to thank her for instilling the love of Cantonese opera in them when they were little. The recital was played to a full house of friends and relatives, as well as to over 1000 elderly bussed in from several outlying districts of the territories.

The success of their premiere show in Hong Kong led to the birth of the ambitious trans-Pacific Cantonese opera project called Multi Voices One Heart (MVOH) in 2017. Working hand in hand with her siblings in Canada and Hong Kong, and supported by their sifu Master Lau Wing-Chuen, Angela has transformed this one-off project into an annual festival that has grown from three host cities (Hong Kong, Vancouver and Toronto) to include Macau in 2019. By going virtual in 2020, it is further extended into many parts of the Chinese diaspora all over the world.
Angela’s love for Cantonese opera, devotion to her mother, and respect for the elderly are the hallmark of all the activities supported by U Sing Cantonese Opera Pavilion.

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