Song Hong-bo

SONG Hong-Bo graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with an advanced Diploma in Chinese Opera Studies. He has been a student of LAU Shun, HUI Kin-Shun, CHEUNG Sai-Kit and LEUNG Tak-Tin. His basic skills are solid and his stage presence is pleasing. He has participated in the performance of several grand productions in various cultural or xiqu festivals. In 2016 he earned the title of best young male lead in a Radio HK opera program. Since then he has joined the Yat Hing Cantonese Opera Troupe as the principal actor, and worked with many famous female leads as well as veteran artists including YAU Sing-Po and CHAN Ho-Kau. His performance in several new operas, such as “Regrets of the late Ming Dynasty”, “Han Genral in the Desert”, “Yin-Yang Judgement”, “Han Xin” and “At the Delta of Jiu Jiang”, has been very well received.

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