Wong Chi-Leung

Wong Chi-Leung graduated from the Guangdong Cantonese Opera School. While there he was awarded a scholarship by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2007 to study Chinese opera. After graduation, he joined the Cantonese Opera Performing Arts Youth Troupe, playing the leading male role.
In 2014, he was selected as “The New Star of the Western Kowloon Xiqu Center” and was awarded with an “Outstanding Performance” recognition award. In 2017, he won the ” Best from the Pear Garden Award” from Channel 5 of Radio Television Hong Kong. He has been on Cantonese opera exchange in Taiwan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

An accomplished singer and actor, Wong Chi-Leung also has a very appealing stage presence. He is also known for his kung fu skills and acrobatic displays requiring strong waist and leg work. His longer operatic performances include “Rebirth of the Red Plum”, “Zhou Yu”, “Yellow Flying Tiger Overcomes Five Passes”, “Ci Langzhou”, “Relentless Sword and External Love”, and “Spring and Autumn Written In Blood”.

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