Wong Chiu Kwan

In the mid-1960s, WONG Chiu Kwan learned acting from TAM San San, who was a man excelling in playing the role of the female lead in Cantonese opera and learned “cheung hong” from George W.C. LAU. In the 1980s she performed throughout South East Asia and became a leading female artist in Cantonese opera after she returned to Hong Kong in the nineties. She is famous for playing female military roles, especially as the general in bound feet. Over the years she has partnered with many leading male artists, including MAN Chin Sui, YUEN Siu Fai, LO Ka Ying, NG Chin Fung, LUNG Kwun Tin, LEE Lung, etc., in forming various Cantonese Opera Troupes. Besides being famous for her mastery of the art of performing in bound feet, she is also recognized for her contributions to promoting Cantonese opera education and community work. In 2011 she was honoured as The Artist of the Year (Opera) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

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