My Life Ruined Just for Love

Vera Ma

“My Life Ruined Just for Love” is an aria from an opera And He Returns Home in Glory as a High Official. The story tells about Scholar Yu(茹鳳聲)who has fallen in love with a famous sing-song girl called Glorious Flower (花艷紅). He promises to marry her when he returns from the Civil Exam in glory. However, his step-mother objects when she finds out the background of the girl. Glorious Flower is broken-hearted, thinking that he no longer loves her and in despair turns to a temple to become a nun. This aria is sung in the temple just before she is going to have her hair shaved to become a nun. The composer and librettist Yip Siu-Tak (葉紹德) skilfully chooses to start with “The Pear Blossoms Endure Wind and Rain, a song written by Wong Yue-Sang to narrate the sorrowful upbringing of the Glorious Flower. The lyrics are beautiful and moving, and the musical quality evokes the depth of the emotions conveyed by the poetic lyrics.