Chung Lai-Yung (鍾麗蓉)

Chung Lai-Yung is a very well-known Cantonese opera singer and actress in Hong Kong. Early in her career she was recognized as one of the "Three Treasures” in the world of Cantonese Opera. Later she was mentored by master singers Ma Zhizheng and He Fefan.

With her crisp, delicate and graceful feminine voice and distinctive singing style, Chung Lai-Yung was promoted to play the role of a female lead, and has been gracing the stage of Cantonese opera ever since.

Included among the operas in which she has performed are: "The Beauty of an Age” and "Red Candles as the Flickering Lamp at the Shrine for Buddha". She has also produced many albums and is an outstanding singer in the Red style named after diva Red Thread Girl.