He Huazhan (何華棧)

He is a famous Cantonese opera singer who studied with the Master Chen Xiaohan. On graduating from the Guangzhou Cantonese Opera School, he went on to the Beijing Chinese Opera Academy for further studies. In 1994 he won the “Outstanding Performance Award” in the “First Performing Art Competition”, and went on to win the “Silver Award” in 1998. In 2000 he won the “Gold Award of the First Rising Star Performing Art Competition”. He is often invited as the guest performer at many concerts. His singing and acting are highly appreciated.

He later established the “Huasheng Cantonese Opera Art Society” in Hong Kong, and has held many solo concerts there as well as in the United States and Canada. His most memorable solo performances include: “Fine Songs for Music Lovers”, “He Huazhan Cantonese Rhythm for Po Leung Charity”, “Pour Your Feelings into Music” and “He Huazhan Cantonese Opera Symphonic Concert”, all of which received rave reviews.

His sing style is eclectic, having integrated the best from many schools of singing. His voice is bright, his diction is clear, and his singing is charming. Over the years he has produced many albums and karaoke DVDs.