Liang Zhaoming (梁兆明)

Liang Zhaoming is a nationally acclaimed actor in China. At age 13, he joined the Zhanjiang Little Peacock Cantonese Opera Training Program, and was mentored by Peacock Ping, a famous performing artist. He won high praises from the famous opera star Mr. Lam Ka-Sing. In 1997 he became the special student of Master Lam Kam-Tong. In 2012 he was among the first batch of young artists to be given permission to move to Hong Kong for professional development under the “Fine Talents Entry Program.”

Handsome and possessing a sweet full voice, Liang Zhaoming can play both the scholarly and military roles. His operatic performances include: "Two Guns Lu Wenlong”, "Zhou Yu," "Called to Battle by Thundering Golden Drums", "Lin Chon,", "The Jade that Unites Cities", "Fairy of River Luo," "Eighteen Luohan Conquer the Golden Roc”, "Purple Hairpin," "The Flower Princess", "The Romantic Scholar and the Delightful Maid”, "The Last Emperor Lee", etc. A multiple winner of the Gold Award of Guangdong Dramatic Performance Competitions, he has also won the "Outstanding Actor Award of the 11th Arts Festival of Guangdong Province" and was named one of the "Top Ten Young and Middle-aged Actors." He has led delegations to perform in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan and Macau.

In 2010, his performance in the opera " Snowstorm at the Temple of Mountain God" staged at the World Expo in Shanghai has won praises from both domestic and foreign fans.