Ng Chin-Fung (吳仟峰 )

As one of the veteran performing artists in this field, Ng Chi-Fung has a large following.

In 1962 he became a student of Master Ku Tin-Ng and later enrolled in the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera College and learned from Master Chan Fei-Lung.

Over the years he has partnered with many famous performers, such as Lee Po-Ying, Chan Ho-Kau, Lee Heung-Kam,Tse Suet-Sum, Sun Hoi-Chuen, Wan Fei-Yin, Law Yim-Hing and many others to form various Cantonese opera troupes.

As a performing artist for over half a century, he has played the leading male role in many classical pieces. His singing, acting and stage performances have won him critical acclaim and a large number of fans in Hong Kong and overseas.

The success of their premiere show in Hong Kong led to the birth of the ambitious trans-Pacific Cantonese opera project called Multi Voices One Heart (MVOH) in 2017. Working hand in hand with her siblings in Canada and Hong Kong, and supported by their sifu Master Lau Wing-Chuen, Angela has transformed this one-off project into an annual festival that has grown from three host cities (Hong Kong, Vancouver and Toronto) to include Macau in 2019. By going virtual in 2020, it is further extended into many parts of the Chinese diaspora all over the world.

Angela’s love for Cantonese opera, devotion to her mother, and respect for the elderly are the hallmark of all the activities supported by U Sing Cantonese Opera Pavilion.