PCHC – Museum of Migration

Incorporated as a non-profit organization in British Columbia, the Pacific Canada Heritage Centre-Museum of Migration Society aims to foster a deeper and more inclusive understanding of Canada’s history, and to build a museum of migration on the West Coast. For now, it functions as a “Museum Without Walls”, offering interactive educational programs, such as lectures, workshops, storytelling circles, intercultural guided walking tours, community celebrations and oral history projects. It also serves as an intercultural learning hub where Canadians and others will:

    • Learn about the missing Pacific Canada stories;
    • Research and share their family stories;
    • Examine the relationships between immigrants and host communities, including their interaction with First Nations peoples; and
    • Explore the past, present and future of Canada, as well as what it means to be Canadian.

  • For more information, please visit our website (www.pchc-mom.ca).

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    2020 Benefit Concert
    Embroidering the Fragrant Sachet
    The Trial at the Execution Ground
    Tears on Poem Written at Night
    Looking for the Lost Purple Hairpin
    The song that Charms Marshall Chow
    Love Commencing from a Simple Act of Kindness
    DaiYu's Swan Song
    My Life Ruined Just for Love
    Rendezvous on the Terrace