Sun Kim-Long (新劍郎), M.H.

A famous Cantonese opera actor and producer in Hong Kong, Sun Kim-Long has been working diligently in this field since the mid-1960s.

As a principal actor of several large Cantonese opera troupes, Sun Kim-Long is also very active in the promotion and creation of Cantonese opera. In 1996, he designed and organized the "Dragon Course" for the Home of Cantonese Opera. Subsequently, He hosted "Cantonese Opera Appreciation Demonstrations" for students from over 20 high schools for two years. In 1997, he conducted more than 10 workshops and lectures hosted by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Since 1998, he has been giving Cantonese Opera demonstration performances for high school students at the Ko Shan Theatre in collaboration with the Education Department, Radio Television Hong Kong and the former Urban Council. For many years, he has also hosted and facilitated numerous lectures and demonstrations during the "Youth Cantonese Opera Appreciation" segment on the official "School Culture Day Program" to promote Cantonese Opera education.

He directed the "Killing Two Kings When Intoxicated" (1993), and coordinated the script-writing for “Rendezvous in West River” (1996) for the Hong Kong Arts Festival. In 1997, his production of "Seven Sages" was one of the programs incorporated into the official celebration of the return of Hong Kong to China. His original work "Blood-splattered Red Lamp" (1998), commissioned by the District Council was so well-received that it was re-mounted and in October of the same year. At the invitation of the Municipal Council, he produced "The First Emperor of Yuan: Kublai Khan" in the same year as well. His recent works include "Wife is Lovely, so is the Concubine," "Beauty Reflected on the Lily Pond”, "Jade Hairpin" and "The Epic Gathering of Tang" among others.

For his community services and contributions to the arts, Sun Kim-Long has been given many awards and honours, including the Artist of the Year Award from the Art Development Council, and a Medal of Honour from the HKSAR Government in 2019.

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