Relentless Sword but Eternal Love

The story is set in a historical time after the Han Dynasty has been established with the help of a great strategist Han Xin (韓信230-196 BC). Queen Lu cannot stand Han and orders him and his descendants to be exterminated. Some of the Han clan escapes and hide in the Purple Bamboo Grove and take on a different surname. One of them is a young man called Wei Chung-Fai meets a young woman of the Lu Clan. They fall in love, not knowing the tragic past between their families. When Wei comes of age, he is given a heirloom in the form of a sword and is then given the task to avenge his ancestors. He sets about to raise an army to attack the Lu camp. At that point, Wei learns that another feudal lord aims to swallow up the Wei and Lu camps to augment his base in order to overthrow the king. By helping the Lu to resist their common enemy, Lu is able to bring peace to the two clans and the story ends happily with the young couple getting married with the blessings of their families, showing how love triumphs over hate and heals old wounds.
Wong Chiu-Kwan |
  王超群, M.H.

In the mid-1960s, Wong Chiu-Kwan learned the art of acting from Master Tam San-San, who excelled in playing the role of the female lead in Cantonese opera. She studied “cheung hong” from Master Lau Wing-Chuen. In the 1980s she performed throughout South East Asia, and became a leading female artist in Cantonese opera after she returned to Hong Kong in the nineties. She is famous for playing female military roles, especially as the general on bound feet. Over the years she has partnered with many leading male artists, including Man Chi- Sui, Yuen Siu-Fai, Lo Ka-Ying, Ng Chin-Fung, Lung Kwun-Tin, Lee Lung, among others in forming various Cantonese Opera Troupes.

Apart from being famous for her mastery of the art of performing on bound feet, she is also recognized for her contributions in promoting Cantonese opera education and community work. In 2010 she was honoured as The Artist of the Year (Opera) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and awarded a certificate by the Home Affairs Bureau; in 2018 she was appointed as the Artistic Director of the Cantonese Opera Rookies’ Performance Series hosted by the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong.

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