The Encounter on the Enchanted River Lok

Wong Chiu-Kwan & Anthony Cheung

The accomplished poet Tso Chik ( Cao Zhi 曹植192 – 232) was the favourite son of Tso Tso (Cao Cao) who was the King of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China.

This song depicts his unexpected encounter with his deceased lover Yuen Ching in a dream-like scene over the River Lok which he is going to cross on being exiled by his older brother. Yuen Ching has been forced to marry Tso Chik’s older brother, but she jumps into the river to escape from a loveless marriage. As Tso Chik begs Yuen Ching to stay with him, he wakes up and realises that the encounter has happened only in a dream.

Musically, look for the section of naam yum sung at various tempos. See how the singer expresses his emotions through the mastery of different tempos.