The Song that Charms Marshall Chow

Ng Chin-Feng & Angela Keung

During the Three Kingdoms Period (early 3rd century), China was divided into three competing kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu. This famous song is about the story of Marshall Chow Yu (周瑜)who is the commander-in-chief of Wu. He is not just a military genius but also a great musician with a sharp ear. He is deeply in love with his beautiful wife Kiu Junior (小喬), the younger of the famous twin daughters of a nobleman. Theirs is a marriage made in heaven. However, Marshall Chow has fallen sick after being defeated by another genius who is the mastermind for the rival state Shu. In his convalescence, Kiu Junior tries to cheer him up by inviting him to play his zither to accompany her in song and dance. The lyrics describe the conflicting loyalty of love for their country and for their family.