The Trial at the Execution Ground

June Snow

Sun Kim-Long & Angela Keung

The well-known tragic folk story of Dau-Ngor ( 竇娥) that was made famous by a Yuan Dynasty play in the 13th Century has inspired generations of regional opera in China. When the renowned Tong Dik-Seng re-adapted this story for a Cantonese opera with Yam Kim-Fai and Fong Yim-Feng playing the male and female leads in the 1950s, he gave more depth to the characters and heightened the subplot of romantic love. This song depicts the high drama that halts the execution of Dau-Ngor describes the return of her husband as a high official who presides over the re-trial. Through all the twists and turns, the truth is uncovered and his faithful wife is vindicated and the villain is exposed.