Multi-Voices One Heart: an annual trans-pacific Cantonese Opera Project.

Born from Canada's 150 as an innovative heritage project to bring together artists and community leaders across Toronto, Vancouver and Macau, Hong Kong.

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2021 Cantonese Opera Singing Decoding

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Cantonese Opera Singing Decoding, Series I

Series I have 6 sessions conducted online in 2021 January and continued with one session every month to 2021 June. These sessions were conducted live and stayed opened to public for 12 hours. They are now hold privately accessible to those subscribed  to this series with unlimited access for the year 2021.

Those who want to subscribe to this series can contact Ms Wong by Whatsapp +852 54184987

If you have already subscribed to this series, you can access these videos by clicking the link below. Then you will be routed to youtube directly.

第1講 :

第2講 :

第3講 :

第4講 :

第5講 :

第6講 :

2021 Cantonese Opera Singing Decoding

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