Multi-Voices One Heart: an annual trans-pacific Cantonese Opera Project.

Born from Canada's 150 as an innovative heritage project to bring together artists and community leaders across Toronto, Vancouver and Macau, Hong Kong.

Theme Song

Appreciation Series on MVOH 2020 song, Playlist

20200828 Appreciation Talk 2

Appreciation Series, MVOH 2020

Session 1 Part I  拾趣

Session 1 Part II 導賞 (新劍郎)

Session 2 Part I  拾趣

Session 2 Part II 導賞 (吳仟峰)

Session 3 Part I  拾趣

Session 3 Part II 導賞 (尹飛燕)

Session 4 Part I  拾趣

Session 4 Part II  導賞 (王超群)

Session 5 Part I  導賞 (梁兆明)

Session 5 Part II  拾趣

Session 6 Part I  導賞  (裴駿軒)

Session 6 Part II  拾趣

Appreciation Series, MVOH 2020


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